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E-mail address
Seghezzo F.lli s.n.c.
Via Cavour, 1
16043 S. Margherita Ligure
Tel.+39 0185 287172
Fax +39 0185 287172

P.iva: 00168510998

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Only Fresh Seasonal Fruit
At "Seghezzo" we sell all kinds of fruit: from our classic, sweet bananas to much sought-after avocados, to the best fruit for salads, such as mangoes, and fruit used to prepare and decorate cakes, such as bilberries, strawberries, tasty raspberries, soft and juicy persimmons and the sweetest kiwis. Our shop, so well stocked with delicious early and seasonal fruit, will tempt you to stimulate your fantasy in the kitchen with multicoloured salads enriched by tufts of cicory, white leaves of Belgian salad, bright coloured radishes and Camona tomatoes, as well as many types of salad: Chioggia, curly endive, prickly lettuce; long horseradish roots and spring onions of any kind.

Wines Of Excellence
It is important to serve a high quality wine with your food, so at "Boutique Seghezzo" we offer a very wide selection of wines, capable of satisfying the most demanding customer. The shop stocks high quality wines (of excellence) for any occasion, even the most special events.
Ligurian Delicatessen (and much more)
The first courses at Seghezzo have been selected by our Chef among typical Ligurian recipes as well as those belonging to traditional Italian cuisine; he has re-elaborated them using his fantasy and experience, in line with the new nutritional trends.
At Seghezzo, originality rules. You can find meat, fish and vegetables to create tasty, original dishes.

All kinds of cakes

At Seghezzo you can find a rich variety of traditional sweets and original specialities, such as chocolate gingerbread, chocolate-coated cherries with a liqueur filling (sold individually), sweet chocolate salami, chocolate Havana cigars, and chocolate-dusted coffee-beans, hazelnuts, almonds and raisins, petit fours.
"Seghezzo" display their sliced cakes on original transparent trays: Cotognata (quince jam pie), Marronata (chestnut pie) and Cremino ( cream-filled chocolate pie)

You can search among a vast range of wine producers, which offer both white and red wines, unbeatable sparkling spumante and dessert wines. Try our white sparkling wines first, then linger on one of our still, light whites, to accompany your fish dishes; for important first courses and meat courses you will find structured white wines, and young reds for grilled meat; structured red wine to go with your roasts, game and ripe cheese; finally, sweet raisin wine and dessert wines to end a glorious meal.
Sophisticated taste
In the "Boutique Seghezzo" you can find cold meats as well as typical and rare cheeses.
From the classic, oldest cheese in the world, Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan Cheese) to Grana Padano (similar to Parmesan cheese); from Tuscany-flavoured pecorino (sheep cheese) like Pinzano, to Pecorino di Gallura and Sardinian Fiore, made on the island of Sardinia.
Let yourselves be tempted by the sheer variety of tasty, original cold meats, such as sweet, lean Parma ham, salty San Daniele, smoked Prague ham or simple, lactose-free ham, not to mention the famous salted and spiced Arnad Lard, enriched with mountain herbs.


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