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E-mail address
Seghezzo F.lli s.n.c.
Via Cavour, 1
16043 S. Margherita Ligure
Tel.+39 0185 287172
Fax +39 0185 287172

P.iva: 00168510998

The "Seghezzo" grocery store in Via Cavour is one of Santa Margherita's historical shops. In the first years of the XXth century, in what are now the premises of the most prestigious gourmet boutique of the Ligurian Riviera, wood and coal were sold, as well as excellent wine. Then, in 1905, the grocery store was founded. Its success has lasted for almost a century. Seghezzo has retained the look of an old épicerie, but, at the same time, it has changed to meet the demands of the new, refined, international tourism.
Several VIPs can be found among our habitual customers.
Here gourmets can discover the unusual, offered with our inimitable old-fashioned style: fresh caviar, Strasbourg pate, mullet roe, tuna salami, stockfish, rare brands of oil and vinegar, any kind of chocolate, delicious honey and jam, coffee and tea from all corners of

the globe, Turkish sweets and candies, high-class wines, the best whiskies and champagnes, Sauternes, premium grappas and liqueurs.
The three Seghezzo brothers -Filippo, Emanuele and Giuseppe - have restored the family shop, without altering its traditional style. Their attention to detail can be seen in the choice of accessories, too: no four-wheeled trolleys in this shop, customers use elegant two-wheeled trolleys and practical tartan bags. Inside, refined marble floors, walnut shelves and beech-wood cupboards, where the most demanding, sophisticated customers can choose the best Ligurian, Italian and international dishes from the delicatessen counter. The following are just some of the most popular: cima alla genovese (Genoese stuffed veal); lasagne with pesto (basil sauce); ravioli and torta pasqualina (vegetable pie). Fish is king at the weekend. Moreover, you will find an ample choice of sauces - pesto, of course, but also walnut and Bolognese sauce - and, as concerns desserts , cakes and jam tarts, sugar almonds and wafers, chocolates, sweets and liquorice.
Cold meats and cheese are carefully selected and supplied by small, exclusive producers, and so are the wines, with hundreds of labels among the best of our national and international oenology.
The gourmet's fantasy can rove among truffles and fois gras, fourme d'Ambert and Pata Negra, locums and halvas.
Seghezzo's specialities can be ordered by email too, by writing to the following address:
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